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HR Hunting Hills' Yeager Kayden


Kayden is our no worries dog, he is very biddable and does as we ask of him with a great prey drive and he loves to work.  Kayden loves the upland hunt, and to retrieve or do anything in the water.  We have tested him and earned a Utility Prize in NAVHDA at 13 months of age.  Kayden has earned his UKC Hunting Retriever Club Hunting Retriever Title (HR), this is a test that consists of marking, blind retrieves and handling to the location of the bird. Kayden was inducted into the SMCNA Hall of Fame in 2018.

Kayden has 4 NAVHDA Versatile Champions in his pedigree.  Kayden loves to be with his family and he has traveled and hunted all over the U.S.

SHR Robingun's Gauge vom Iros


Gauge is from a breeding from Robingun Kennels of German imported semen of Iros vom Keifernwadle, and Hunting Hills Nixie Rae.  Gauge can hunt all day regardless of temperature and has a very staunch point.  Gauge has very good conformation and a great temperament.  

Robingun's Odette von der Red Hills


Our first female "Rye"at 10 weeks old in February 2019.  

Our Story & About the Breed


We have been dog people for over 25 years, having owned Labradors, Jack Russell terriers, and now Small Munsterlanders.  We have owned these wonderful dogs since 2014, we got our first dog from Hunting Hills Kennel, and our second from Robingun Kennels, in Febraury 2019 we added our first female Robingun's Odette von der Red Hills.

We hunt quail, pheasant, dove, and ducks with our dogs primarily in North Florida and South Georgia.  Every year we travel to multiple states to hunt, our boys have hunted from Florida to Pennsylvania and West to Iowa Nebraska and South Dakota.  In order to ensure the versatility of our dogs we test in the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association(NAVHDA), and UKC Hunting Retriever tests.

History of the Small Munsterlander


The Small Munsterlander is a long haired versatile hunting dog that uses both air scent for pointing and ground scent for tracking. It has a great love for retrieving and enthusiasm for water work, tenacity and voice (bark or bay when chasing furred game) on the track. In Europe the SM is bred to find, point, track, and retrieve upland birds, waterfowl, and fur-bearing animals such as hare, boar, blood-tracking and varmint dispatching. In the U.S. they are mainly used for upland and waterfowl hunting for the foot hunter. The Small Munsterlanders elegance, intelligence, desire and devotion make them a wonderful hunting partner and home companion. The SM is for the most part easy to train and makes a great family companion. However this is a very active hunter and intelligent breed so it will require adequate exercise and mental stimulation "every day".

Cooperating Stud Dog Owner


The SMCNA, established in 1993, is the original Small Munsterlander Breed Club in North America. The original twenty three SMCNA charter members along with Paul Jensen, the first SMCNA Registrar, had the foresight to create a breed Club that was performance based and required prior approval for any dog to be used for breeding. This ensured that both the dam and sire had demonstrated their hunting abilities through approved hunting tests, and they meet health, temperament, and conformation standard. The SMCNA is dedicated to preserving the versatility of our breed true to the F.C.I. Small Munsterlander Standard of the breed as set forth by the German Verband for Kleine Munsterlander and adopted by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale). The SMCNA Club has over 500 members who are dedicated to the hunting abilities, health, welfare and promotion of our breed in the United States and Canada.